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[1.0.6] Nuclearwintermincraft.com [PVE] [GriefPrevention] [16gigs] NEW WORLD!!! 40 slots


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Hey guys!

We would like to announce our new dedicated Tekkit server! This server runs Linux 12.04 with a solid state drive, 5.0ghz processer and 16 gigs of ram + more bandwidth than is needed. If you are looking for a lag free community based tekkit server you have come to the right place! We are always looking for any type of input to make our servers better.


Address - - - tekkit.nuclearwinterminecraft.com

Register and join the community!

Forums are now set up on our website.

Donation tiers coming soon..

As of right now only the PVE world is open, this is the world you spawn into. The pvp world will be coming.

Server shop is setup if you have an item that you think should be up for buy or sell stop by our forums and let us know.



Chest Shop



Check back here for more information as well as our website.


1. No grief or raid in non pvp worlds.

2.Do not ask for items.

3. Do not ask to be mod or admin. This is handled through our webpage.

4. No Racism.

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I have been with this community for a couple of months now, and I was very excited to see that they have now branched into tekkit. The admins have good experience with running servers, clearly evidenced by their voltz server. The admins are down to earth and always willing to listen.

If you are looking for a good place to fly to the moon, mechanize your production, or warp through the dimensions, this server is the perfect place to do it.

(This is where my signature would go)

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I'm stuck... I'm in a blocked off nether portal (can't type) in a claimed area, and Darknut1337 hasn't added me to his claim, so I can't break out, or chat, or do really anything. Help!

Edit: I'm out now, while my plight was annoying, it was kind of funny in retrospect.

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