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[1.0.5]Accretion Tekkit[PvP][Greylist][50] Factions!


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Major Plugins

Factions, Essentials, Group Manager, MobbountyReloaded, Votifier, RandomLocation, PVP titles, MCDocs

Banned Items

As of now there are none


We are a small network that connect people who have the same urge to kill people online ;P We mainly operate on our own website : accretion.us and on our forums : accretion.us/forums

Out server is kind of greylisted as you would unlock commands to further assist players in their gameplay such as the /back command can be unlocked by registering and posting on our forums.

We try and Keep everything working and have friendly and scary staff members

Hope everyone comes on to see what this server is all about :)

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I do not recommend this server for anyone seeking a challenge, as the admin allows his mods to teleport and pvp whoever they want. In the event that the server owner replies to my complaint here, be careful in trusting everything he says.

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