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Nether and redstone engines, do not work very well.


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I'm having issue with my lava pump. it's placed in the nether along with the regular 4 redstone engines, 2 torches and one chunckloader. Problem is as follows. the engines just freeze up after a while, note: not stopping, but freezing in a random position. And so my tanks run dry,and all grind to a hault. but, im not having problems with the redstone engines pumping from the tanks. Also, im running a private server with 1.0.5. problem has existed since the start of tekkit.

Setup for illustration

r = Redstone engine

i = redstone torch

p = Pump

C = chunkloader.

r i

r p r

i r C

Also worth noting: My whole setup is placed inside a pocket dimension, witch makes it movable to any location where I later will want to build my house :) highly recommended for people who dont want to make alot of small starting houses. And you can actully keep ALL of your industry inside the dimension. this goes for anything, including farms. except mob farms, since mobs don't spawn in pocket dimensions.

BTW, anyone else notice that all the AE drives are missing in NEI? i can find them manually if i right click any storage modules though.

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