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Updates are not fun for server operators

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Firstly, nobody likes having to update their server files. There must be some faster easier way than having to delete the old files and putting in the new ones.

Secondly, don't know if anyone's tried this but I added 2 other mods into the server and players are required to install them into their base mods folder. The problem is whenever they update, the updates delete the files forcing players to reinstall the extra mods. Can somebody make it so the updates don't delete extra files and only replaces the ones being updated?

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Hi, it doesn't really- when you open up the build select screen, it will always reset to the oldest build, but you can restart the launcher as many times as you like and keep playing on your selected version.

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Also, when selecting manual build 1.0.3, after restarting, it reverts to 1.0.2.

A bit off topic tho....

This is a visual bug. The build you selected will be the one it runs, until you go back into the menu, then it switches. It only happens when you open up the menu.

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