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Elevator Mod?


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I think it would be cool to have a elevator mod. We will never have to use stairs for ladders to get around places(Because that takes forever!). We could use them in our factories! I would like to know if anyone out there is willing to make a elevator mod. If so contact me here for more details please.

Details on what the mod will have in it:

1: Not very hard to craft, but not easy either. Mid range crafting.

2: The engine type will have a set number of blocks it can transfer the elevator too.

3: Upgradable engines for more block transfer.

4: Different sizes of elevators(Bigger more engine power it needs).

5: Buttons everyone loves buttons! Buttons for a set floor.

6: Elevator music(Lol just for fun)

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There are Bukkit plugins that do roughly this, if you are thinking for a server. Alternatively, you can use RedPower frames to accomplish much of this.

Yes but plugins are plugins not mods, plugins arent the same when it comes to matters like this. Red Power comes with all the extra stuff that we don't need at the time.

I'll take a wild guess here and say that this would be a pain in the arse to code, the bugs on the moving blocks would be awfull too.

Yes, but if it was working it would help some people, and be cool if it worked how I said it.

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Quite a whiles back, there was an elevator mod.

I think it worked by teleporting the player WRONG! It actually moved the blocks and player, but it might be worth it to hunt the modder down and see if he's interested in brainstorming with you.

Unfortunately, "Quite a whiles back, there was an elevator mod" is all I can give you in terms of information. Don't know the modder's name, nor the name of the mod. Though I'd hazard a guess and say "elevator mod".

EDIT: Found it! http://www.minecraftdl.com/dynamic-elevators-mod/

Now, this is for 1.4.5, but see if you can't get a hold of ironclad49er.

EDIT AGAIN: http://slimevoid.net/dynamic-elevators-changelog/

That's the new maintainers/developers of the mod. And it turns out this version is for 1.5.2 even!

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Another mod, in addition to the dynamic elevators, is Chainz.

It also adds spikes, slingshots and a choking string thing.

Dynamic elevators is fantastic, but if you want a medieval elevator, go for chainz.


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