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Tekkit Classic - WE NEED YOUR HELP

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Hellooo minecrafters of the world,

Gonna start off by giving thanks to you, for taking an interest. Now... down to why you nice guys nd girls are here :)

Lately zTraction and myself have started up a new Let's Play youtube series based around Tekkit Classic and we need help from you guys nd girls reading this right now! Yes.... YOU :D

In volume two, we are still debating what to build for our base.. We have a few ideas but then it struck us what we should do! We thought we should ask you guys nd girls what you want to see build in the base!

After all.... without you guys nd girls the series would be nothing!

Be sure to drop any ideas that spring to your mind in the comments on the youtube videos!

Oh, and subscribe to me channel to keep updated with the series...

And my other uploades!

Until next time, stay safe and be happy!

~ IGravemind

MOD EDIT: don't sign your posts, you nubcake

Dur dur dur..... Links??

Right here:

not anymore

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