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Ok Liquiducts and redpower conduits are great but...

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Its taking too long to manualy dig up Obsidian. Aside from quarries is there a way to automate it?

I was thinking maybe a mining turtle but i dont know if you can tell them to look out for a specific type of ore (ive not used them at all)

Any and all sugestions welcomed

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Magma Crucible and Aqueous Accumulator piping into an Igneous Extruder will make Obsidian - mostly automated.

You still need to feed the crucible with material to convert to lava, which can be done with turtles eating through the nether.

The downside - the crucible requires a lot of energy, but this is what i have set up, I have thre further devices that are processing the lead and obsidian, baking the resulting mix.

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I know what you mean about avoiding EE3, for me EE mechanics kind of serve to turn "go on a bunch of different quests for different things" into "go on one long grind for one thing and you're set"

Before I learned about igneous extruders I'd just park my mining turtle over my favorite lava ravine, pop a water source down and tell it to excavate. I got stacks and stacks of obsidian this way, I guess ravines can generate like 5 or 6 layers of lava at the bottom.

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