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  1. Actually we already properly clear our cache and clean up after ourselves, I just went back through the code and verified. We can't even find the line number referred to in that crash log - that's an older beta it seems. But even in our old ones, we were fine. I'll see what the cause of this is, but if your frames work as elegantly as you claim, this actually shouldn't happen, despite the enormous and unjustifiable computational strain. Conduits are getting a complete rewrite for FMP, so we'll see how they behave after that.
  2. Actually, there's more to it than validate/invalidate - it's not a simple matter of "cleaning up." Conduits are ridiculously, absurdly complex multiblock structures and they shouldn't be moved. Period. I'm not sure if there's a fix or not, but I'm not inclined to find one due to the performance hit that constantly moving a multiblock structure is going to result in.
  3. For now it will only spawn in new chunks, but I'm adding a flag to CoFHWorld that will force regen all of the ores it handles (this includes Osmium in the Tekkit pack). Will see about getting that pushed soon.
  4. Problem with that generator is that it requires water. That's it. Just water. The balancing point was that it took TWO pumps and golden pipes to fill it (oh noes!) So there's a post somewhere in that forum where people are calling TE overpowered because you can supply the 500 MJ/t effectively Creative-mode generator with a single liquiduct. It was apparently completely lost on them that 500 MJ/t for WATER is maybe stupid.
  5. Likely 1.6 when the new Fluid system goes in.
  6. You're thinking of "CovertJaguar" there, chief.
  7. Tone down the rhetoric. It's not either of those things, it's higher than you want it to be, that is all.
  8. It's already configurable. But no, I don't plan on changing the default.
  9. You. You're going places. Ideally one of those places is the wiki so you can read about the mods actually in the pack and see why you're an idiot.
  10. Nope. Had it working but it broke compatibility with immibis' microblocks and everyone whined. We're redoing conduits completely anyways and sidedness will no longer be a thing on Energy Conduit.
  11. While this is true, a single conduit doesn't actually let you send energy anywhere. At least not right now.
  12. Find one of the machines in NEI and hit "R" on it. I believe that MFR is using Thermal Expansion-based recipes in this pack.
  13. Hrm, I would imagine that it's actually 160k. However, this is about par for the course - Forestry's ethanol is 200k per bucket, regular fuel is 600k, and in a RailCraft (should you add it) boiler, multiply by 1.4 or so. It's really not that absurd given that lava is virtually free.
  14. This is just a function of how Forge's current LiquidContainerRegistry happens to work. I've just rewritten a new fluid system for Forge which will standardize this behavior and hopefully allow for the Transposer to be fully compatible with this stuff in the future.
  15. Attach the magmatic engine to conduit. You'll need at least 2 pieces for now. Now it never breaks. You're welcome.
  16. Assuming you mean SMP, most servers are that. If you mean it's Anarchy instead, then get planning. Tesseracts are actually way better in that environment as they can only be removed by YOU if you choose so. Also, Tesseracts are far from expensive.
  17. If you are interpreting maintenance to mean "breaks/stops randomly no matter what," I agree with you on large systems. But then you're factoring out MFR biofuel, or other forms of process-based renewability, and those are all fine. The issue is a single block which is place and forget forever. Which, I'll be adding one of those - a creative mode only energy cell. So if you really see it as a sandbox, then that'll work for you.
  18. CanVox pretty much nailed it. I don't mind if something requires automation to run, but I want that automation to extend beyond "Step 1: Build Turtle, Step 2: Done." Look at MFR biofuel - that is perfectly reasonable. It is not "place and forget", yet it is still reliable permanent generation. A solar panel (or any generator really) that just produces power while requiring no other infrastructure beyond transmission is incredibly boring and it does a disservice to the pack to include such a thing. EDIT: Also, TE engines only lock if NOT attached to conduit. The only part of the game wh
  19. Already possible if MPS wants to do it.
  20. Hence why the solar panel needs to go. A solar array, instead, should be a multiblock structure which is a significant investment - you either go big or go home. Also needs maintenance of some sort; automatic maintenance acceptable if it's something a turtle can't directly do. I may have been thinking about this.
  21. I believe that MPS is getting tweaked a bit so this won't always happen. On my end, I'm adding batteries meant for this and may change the functionality of the Cell so that MPS doesn't see it as a valid item for draining.
  22. Might be useful. I'll still look into adding an early game conduit, or perhaps a way to get conduit just a bit earlier, but I think a lot of the perception that conduit is hard to get is just a lack of familiarity with the tech tree as it were.
  23. Well relativistic speeds is a different matter entirely - spacetime itself is malleable. I'm just talking about the fact that as a general rule, we do not have an accurate internal chronometer.
  24. It's something I considered for the Induction Smelter honestly. Probably give back a couple of nuggets with a very tiny chance of Rich Slag. Now that TE actually adds nuggets for most things, it's doable.
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