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  1. So Im kind of wondering what the general consensus is in terms of progression from starting a new world to end game. Like what machines to build first, what to do with what mods in what order so your not swamped with resource costs etc.
  2. So heres my problem. I setup a quarry and then hit a huge underground oil lake. So I can not mine deeper without moving the liquid, and this would apply to water and lava as well. Is my ONLY option for getting the liquid out a buildcraft pump? with its stupidly slow descending pipe? Am I missing something or is this ONE PUMP the only option we have for moving liquid from location A to location B besides buckets?
  3. I think some people are being a bit harsh, but ya FPS, I sent you my info via skype hope you get it!
  4. Great design man, I will be incorporating these into my base as cool high tech automatic star trek doors.
  5. I get the feeling I know what your problem is and that is a lack of an iron pipe, Without one then yes a pipe setup will fling items out of the end of the line of pipes.
  6. Range upgrade... thank you so much that basically solves the problem.
  7. That would be nice, maybe throw an item into the pulveriser and get back half the metal cost in dust?
  8. Here how I solved the cobblestone problem, I have my quarry pump items into an item router, and on the bottom of the router I have a void pipe, then I simply filter dirt and cobble into the bottom of the router and everything else to the sides where they are piped into a gold chest.
  9. Ive used computer craft in older versions of tekkit to manage the engines and turn them off before they got to hot, but with the new and far better alternatives, the biofuel generator and magmatic, I dont have to watch them as carefully. Now what I would love to do with them is set up a power monitoring room with the opensensors addon, but sadly they do not seem to work with the redstone power cells.
  10. Title: Invisible Nether Creeper Version: 1_0_3 OS: Windows 7 64-bit ultimate Java Version: Version 7 update 9 Description of Problem: While in the nether in peaceful mode ill here the sound of a creeper hissing next to me, then an explosion. Error Messages: None Error Log: None
  11. Worked great thanks! Had no idea of that things absolute amazing use.
  12. See that confuses me, Because I swear I pop in a full stack of redstone into the magma cube, and then I only get like, 24 conduits out of that, maybe my costs are bugged? Also yes Implied on purpose Because you know, Ive got my old timey engines running in one room, and my quantum mechanics running in the other right?
  13. Im trying to figure out if there is a way to automate floor building fro tekkit, like say, I dig out a 20x20 quarry and then want to cover it, is there anything in the modpack that could let me automate this?
  14. Well I could do that, but my problem is not space its the fact that any decent amount of conduits costs me SO much redstone. Basically its a pain to run wires and pipes and I was wondering if anyone did anything differently, like maybe conveyor belts, I really dont know how feasible it is to use those.
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