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Saving Areas Crash

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Hello! New to the forums. I am having a hard time finding any sort of resolution or even information on the issue I ma having. When I go to what I suppose is a different zone, or chunk, I get this "Saving Areas" screen with a progress bar. The bar hangs, HSM freezes, and I get a white screen with no text or anything. At this point I just have to alt+f4 and restart the launcher. There has to be some info or a fix for this somewhere. This is far and away my favorite mod I have played, and am looking forward to getting more involved, but this nuisance is becoming a gamebreaker for me. Please, somebody help! :)

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Hi there,

Could you go to the Bugs subforum for HSM and post the bug over there? Be sure to follow any rules listed there! Otherwise, I won't have enough information to fix the problem (your current description is the typical symptom of many bugs, unfortunately.) They'll explain how to retrieve the logs, etc.

If you haven't noticed, there's zero tolerance on these forums for non-rule-reading. (One-track road to getting "Hellen Keller'd"/"Stupid newbied".) Just fyi.

And apart from that, sorry for the frustration! Re-post the bug over there and I'll do what I can to fix it or help you get your game running again.

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  • when holding the activate power button and you right click, the game will show a screen saying "Saving Areas" and the application will force quit
  • when you use wind trap on soulsand, the client will immediately crash,and although it goes to the error message screen, there's no text whatsoever
  • The level 1 tower sometimes spawns the brown slimes outside of the tower and there was no boss, or was there supposed to be a boss?


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