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Converted Server is holding wayyy to many chunks loaded, also nether crash issue

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We converted a server from Tekkit Lite to Big Dig recently and seem to be having some issues with the server holding many many more chunks loaded than would be expected. When I say "converted" I mean some files from the old install were carried over, such as out factions configs, sethomes and lockette custom id list (this was somewhat haphazard and given that item ids have changed and sethome points to new map points now should probably not have been done). With 4 players on the server claimed to be holding 1800 chunks and seemed to be using 100% of ram, the performance started to give spikes of lag once this was reached. Server resets hourly but doesn't seem to necessarily fix this, on the other hand, when few players (5-8) were on and nobody was heading into new areas causing chunkgen the performance seemed nice and stable. It could just be related to the new map and all the chunkgen as our entire playerbase decided to head for the hills, but I suspect it's this strange number of held chunks. Could old chunks that were being forceloaded be carried over from old server settings somewhere, such as the BC quarries or something? Should we delete some specific file to flush that?

We might consider just saving the player and map files and nuking the server back to a clean install, that would work to preserve people's houses and items, yes? (I'm kinda novice on these issues, sorry!)

We also discovered last night that going to the nether and then using /f home to warp back to overworld seemed to crash the server if the player spent more than a min or two in it. We could just disallow warping in the nether but I am wondering if this can be fixed somehow also.

Loving big dig in general, but of the many servers I surveyed before helping convert this one over, I noticed having more than 5-10 players seemed to result in massive lag spikes, whereas the LAN server I've had up for a while now with only 2 players never has these issues. I very much suspect something in the big dig mod configs needs to be adjusted for better performance for not just for our server but for general distribution. While I am quite willing to wade in and find the problems I know many server owners are not, they will throw up their hands and it will limit the impact of this great mod pack!

Thanks for any help you can give!

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