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Big Dig seeds


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Got any cool or interesting seeds for the Big Dig pack?

I found an awesome one with an erupting volcano right next to a village, but unfortunately I never saved the seed and the world was accidentally deleted while I was cleaning up. I took screenshots, though.


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I like the seed "dirtblock" that I am currently using.

Village with a blacksmith, who has some decent starting stuff in his chest, A great big hole with lots of dungeons before you get to the village, and a ravine with the ender portal fort. All real close to spawn. I can't take credit for finding it, though. I got it off a Youtube video.

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i got a pretty interesting seed for anyone who wants to explore a stronghold (not sure wehther it is a stronghold or not building of bricks) (in superflat) and villages there is 2 villages and a stronghold not far from spawn

(it is a superflat world on default settings)

seed: -7355552674192299534

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