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Buggy pipes?


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Every time I hook up something with pipes (but more often sandstone or hooked up to hoppers) its like it has a 50% chance to fire out onto my walls or go into the machine. (With sandstone and/or hoppers its more like a 95% chance. It only worked like its suppose to once with those buggers.)

The setup was like this (SP = sandstone pipe)

------------SP---------(and into the hopper)

l Hopper hopper

l Hopper hopper Where all my dusts go

--------Pulverizer Powered Furnace

I use golden pipes always, and my other set ups usually do the samething

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sandstone pipes are made not to connect to anything except other pipes. they're specifically so that you can route pipes around chests and hoppers without going into them.

also, if you have a T-intersection in the pipe, the item will go down the other fork instead of popping out of the pipe, so you can make a loop in the pipe that the item goes down if the inventory it's trying to go into is full.

edit: also if you can take a screenshot of your setup it'll be much easier to help, ascii art is kinda difficult to read.

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