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Permission Plugin Issue


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I cant for the life of me be able to get a permissions plugin to work on Tekkit.

Ive been running servers for the last 2 years, so im pretty in the know when it comes to configurations and such, but forge is being a bug bear.

Ive tried Bpermissions, Group Manager, Forge Essentials, Yapp.

i can get them all working to a certain degree, but when it comes to the moon or space stations the plugin fails completly!

Group manager -> Work in all worlds, works on space station, DOES NOT work on the moon, and does not save any changes to the usrs files, i.e. i have to manually write in users files to assign ranks.

bpermissions -> works in all worlds, does not work on space stations or the moon at all.

Yapp -> works perfectly, until the server is restarted and then it refuses to let the user do anything until a /yapp reload command is done.

Forge Essentials -> keeps throwing errors into the log.

Server is running 1.0.6

And for testing, ive reinstalled the server from fresh downloads a few times, to no evail.

MCPC version mcpc-plus-151compat-1.5.2-R0.2-forge710-C451

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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yes ive got all the plugins "working" to a certain degree but they fail when i do in depth "real world" testing. Like the weirdest issue ive had yesterday, finally got group manage to work perfectly, and behave in all worlds, bar the stupid requirement to manually promote people, but limited ranks are fine, however as soon as a second player joins the server, the plugin fails, miserably, no error messages, it just stops letting users visit the moon again!

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