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Help with computer issue

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So, recently, my graphics card died. Ever since, the computer will occasionally freeze up while playing a game, be it dota or minecraft. Now, this isn't any freeze. Artifacts will appear on the screen, and random noise will play through the speakers. I originally attributed this to my integrated graphics, and since I was going to buy it anyway, I bought myself a xfx radeon 6670. However, nothing has changed. I can verify it is not overheating, because it happens even when I blow a house fan into the computer. I replaced the PSU, and the graphics, and this was even happening when I had a different CPU and mobo. Does anyone know a way to fix this?

I can provide a video if necessary.

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This is usually a sign that DirectX or a graphics card driver is out of date. This can often be the case even when you installed the drivers that came with the card. I suggest a review of the current and available versions of your driver package, and any old versions that may still be resident on your computer.

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