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1.3.5 Update is this normal?

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I'm updating to 1.3.5 and my server console has been loading things for a while now.

Console: http://pastebin.com/6r5BPy61

Hopefully this is what it's suppose to be doing? I've just never seen this before.


Seems to stop doing anything after seeing - SEVERE Fatal errors were detected during the transition from POSTINITIALIZATION to AVAILABLE. Loading cannot continue

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You screwed up your install- ID resolver and IC2 are both in there, and neither of those are mods that are in Big Dig.

I got it working and the server loaded, but now my plugins won't load and multicraft shows server icon as still loading yet players can log in.

When I try putting recommended MCPC back into Big Dig server will not load.

*Update - Everything is a go. Thanks CanVox.

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