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Wanted-PvP is a new Bukkit-enabled Voltz server, hosting a myriad of server plugins, from Factions to iConomy and many, many more. We have plenty of room for expansion, boasting a 96 slot server, an experienced and friendly staff, and a dedication to PvP as intended. Some features include a Quick-Build Arena, a Buycraft Shop, and plenty of contests for vouchers and coupons.

What our server has to offer:

- Good uptime all staff use an app to control the server from there phones so it will alwas be back up fast.


- Volltz

- 96 slots

- kind and experanced staff.

- Spleef: coming soon

- NOT many banned items.

- Want somthing chaginf then use the contact us and leave a msg.

Wanted-PVP is a hardcore server that has very few rules, No Hacking and No Glitching, apart from that, there are not many more rules. The idea of this server is to make a faction and raid to your heart's content, killing everyone that stands in your path to success.

- Those who join on the day of the Grand Opening recieve a free £5 voucher to the BuyCraft Shop to spend on whatever they like using promo code "wanted".


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