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linking book overuse?


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Is it possible to use linking books too frequently? I was just setting up a linking book "transport chain", (i.e., a set of books that flip-flop me from various overworld spots to various nether spots so that I can easily get anywhere within a couple of clicks) when I suddenly ended up in what I'm guessing was limbo... height of 128, featureless plain, could hear ghasts making their annoying whine.

I tried looking it up but could find no reference. Is this a feature?

[EDIT: think it may have been a corrupted linking book. I have had some server trouble lately and ended up doing a restore from a backup and that possibly triggered a problem. Most of my linking books seem fine, but one is not... and it's like it's teleporting me above the nether? very strange]

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I haven't heard of this problem, but if you're crafty, you could leave that book in and make it a "Prison Age" like Spire or Haven. I think it would be pretty neat if you could terraform the world and make it interesting to explore while impossible to escape, like in Myst IV. Maybe make a library with this book as the centerpiece so it seems like a legitimate link.

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