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Interesting Issues with AE and TE


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So I have gotten to a pretty sweet spot with my tech level, but recently had a couple issues, the first is having issues getting AE to craft certain things, I have a liquid transposer with an interface on top, with plenty of redstone in it, set to the right mode, but I cannot get the ME network to fill conduit or energy frames. Is this a known thing? Can anyone else get these to work? Also having issues crafting redstone energy cells even with the full energy frames already in the network, she also seems to only want to craft blaze powder/rods once per reset (ie. reset the server and it works once). My final issue is I had a redstone power cell go wonky, the damn thing wouldn't pump out power if it was wired in a series, and also turned dark red like it was empty despite showing full power.

If anyone has any insight into these issues advice would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: so ignore the crafting questions, apparently I whacked the Interfaces on the pulverizer and the LT, then didn't realize they had a right side to be down. still the power cell issue was weird.

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How have you gotten around sending different materials to different machines when requested? What I mean by that is, if a Redstone Energy Conduit takes 1 Energy Conduit and 2 redstone melted into Destabilized Redstone, you have to send the Energy Conduit to the Liquid Transposer and send the Redstone to the Magma Crucible. Do you just have a tank of Redstone nearby that you keep full, then simply send an Energy Conduit to the Transposer? I suppose you could set something up with an export bus, piping Redstone constantly into the Crucible so that when the liquid levels in the Crucible go down to feed the Transposer, Redstone is immediately imported and melted. And I suppose you could setup a level emitter to keep a minimum amount of redstone in the network, so the export bus doesn't go too crazy and use all your Redstone up.

Never mind, I think I answered my own question. Funny how thinking about a problem can lead one to the solution without outside intervention, figure I'll leave this here for anyone else trying to figure that out. :)

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