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The installer was better before!!!!!


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Im sorry to disturbe you while you try and make tekkit 2.0 work, but i think the installer is, well to put it nicely, a stupid piece of crap!!!

I think, and im sure others aggree, it was better when you could chose what mods you wanted on. This means that people with not so good (crappy) computers can have some of the mods without thew ones that make it lagg.

I also think that you shouldent need to log in to your account to install it, as this stops all the people who don't have enough money to buy an account or arent allowed, that need a fake installer, such as Darrows, to install it.

In short, dont fix what isen't broken and give us the old installer back.

Yours sincerly, Fwend47

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"I, a fellow with the ignominious name of fwend47, am sorry to disturb you while you play with the new toys contained in the excellent Technic 6 mod compilation, but I, to put it nicely, am a dumb bastard.

"I think, and am sure others agree, that the inclusion of a button clearly labeled "Mod Select" near the login dialog in the launcher is an excellent idea which enables those who run on older computers to disable mods which degrade their game's performance.

"I also commend you for requiring users to input their valid and legal credentials in a secure fashion, thus helping to prevent dishonest or lazy people from illegitimately acquiring Minecraft without paying for it.

"In short, thank you for making Technic easier-to-use than it ever has been before, and I hope that you never go back to the old way of doing things.

"Yours truly, a classy gentleman named fwend47 who speaks proper English."

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haha yea mate, trolled. however the only complaint i can make is the memory allocation the launcher forces us todo, could it be made as optional?

I do believe that what you are requesting is an impossibility.

Are you blind?

And as i replied on another one that you said little button.

"Little" in comparison to the rest of my screen. Since you are surely running at a resolution of 640x480, the button should be quite visible on your end.

I apologise for my new associate's bad spelling (and grammar), but he apears to have raged

Quite. Would you care for some tea? I have an excellent selection. If that is not to your taste, perhaps coffee? Or something stronger?

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