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  1. Server and modpack are excellently well constructed. The attention to detail at spawn and throughout the rest of the server is wonderful. E: I would suggest adding iguanatweaks, as the ability to upgrade tool parts on the tool is amazingly useful.
  2. Hey, dragonshardz! This is Marc with Horizon. I just wanted to let you know that we plan on opening in a few hours! So if you're still interested feel free to check us out at hexxit.bxbservers.com and our website at bxbservers.com!

  3. High five fellow north westerner! You grew up in Seattle? I grew up in Vancouver before moving to Quebec.

    1. dragonshardz


      Born in Seattle, grew up in Phoenix, then moved back up here.
  4. Got warning point for low-effort post in troll thread. Worth it.

  5. Why not include a link to the guide you used to fix the problem?
  6. Being on for a long time doesn't slow your computer down. Having a lot of processes running and taking up RAM does, but if you just leave a PC on and don't run anything on it, it won't slow down that much.
  7. You obviously have not installed it properly.
  8. dragonshardz

    Please Help (Sry if I sound like a Noob).

  9. dragonshardz

    Yogscast vs Direwolf20

    This thread is bad and the OP should feel bad. What purpose does comparing the Yogscast (dimwits who SQUUEE over every little thing) to Direwolf20 (some dude who reportedly makes intelligent videos about Minecraft) serve?
  10. dragonshardz

    Slowpoke (Feed the Beast creator) on the Technic pack

    I'd also like to join the chorus of people commending both the Technic dev team and the mod developers for keeping things civil and levelheaded.
  11. Your profile image fascinates me. Is it from anything in particular, or just a "general sci-fi" type image?

    1. dragonshardz


      It's an image from one of the loading screens in Galactic Civilizations II.

  12. dragonshardz

    Slowpoke (Feed the Beast creator) on the Technic pack

    So, here's a thought I had - having not read the entire thread, 'cause I'm a lazy bugger - is it possible to meet somewhere in the middle on all the copyright stuff? As it is, by Minecraft ToS the modding community in it's entirety is on shaky ground, legally speaking. IF Mojang decided to, they could screw over everybody EA-style, so where's the benefit to all this pointless infighting? If it's simply to boost a modder's ego or to allow him to flex his creative control muscles, then I really think that falls under the definition of "doing it wrong". The benefit should be for the end users, and from what I can see, the greatest benefit to the end user would be for everyone involved to get together, work it all out so everyone's at least ambivalent, and then make a HUGE FREAKING DEAL about having worked out said problems. Fighting between mod creators and modpack janitors isn't good for the end user, and what isn't good for the end user is generally not good for the developer. To paraphrase a quote, nobody ever went bankrupt by selling good product at a fair price. I'll allow you to draw your own comparisons between that and the situation here. I'm firmly of the opinion that while the mod devs do have a point concerning copyright, the fact that everybody is on pretty shaky legal ground should be more than enough incentive to resolve disputes amicably and rapidly.
  13. dragonshardz

    Technic Pack 7.2.7 and Forestry

    Except I see threads like this all the time, constantly shitting up the forum*. "I want to do a thing with a mod whose creator decided to specifically fuck with the end user in the worst ways possible, halp plz?" Why the hell should we give a damn beyond telling people that Forestry is no longer supported and that they're free to exercise their Google-Fu. By the way: Is the version of Forestry for the same version of Minecraft that your Technic install is running on? Yes? Good. Install that shit and go play. If you run into issues with subsidiary mods or Forestry itself, stop asking for help here, please. The people to ask for support for these mods are the creators, not the Technic forums. If they refuse to help, well, time to use the ol' noggin and figure it out yourself. *I do realize that since we essentially attract mostly 12 year old sperglords that expecting quality is unrealistic and complaining about people shitting up Cafe Lame of all places is like whining about how /b/ used to be good. (and don't fucking quote Rules 1 & 2 at me, those only apply on raids - and since /b/ never does anything except writhe about in a pit of self-masturbatory reposts these days...)
  14. dragonshardz

    modpack idea

    Or you can just do the required scut work to add your mods into Technic.