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  1. Server and modpack are excellently well constructed. The attention to detail at spawn and throughout the rest of the server is wonderful. E: I would suggest adding iguanatweaks, as the ability to upgrade tool parts on the tool is amazingly useful.
  2. This seems pretty neat and I'm sure the paywall is intended to help you recoup the costs of developing and maintaining this. That said, the paywall isn't kosher according to the EULA. Otherwise this seems neat, and very useful for server admins. I'm sure that if you removed the paywall and just asked for donations, then you'd be able to build a good userbase very quickly while avoiding most legal issues that could arise from directly contradicting the EULA. E: Also, having a paywall - even one as cheap as $8 - gives a slight impression of being shady, if you ask me.
  3. Issues signing in after changing your name is probably an issue on Mojang's end, not Technic's. Go bug them.
  4. Link is fine now. That error is typically because the launcher was unable to download the modpack for some reason - usually because someone over-utilized their bandwidth allowance on Dropbox or something. E: Also, pinging @Amaxter
  5. This isn't even a bug, it's how TiC works. If you're trying to automate mass casting, you'll need 1 drain for each casting table. E: Additionally, only blank casts can be melted down. I assume this is because the author of the mod thought it pointless to create 2 different versions of cast that only differ in what they're made from. If you want other casts to be meltable, your best bet is to contact the author of TiC.
  6. Optifine is a mod, not a program. If it doesn't work for you, that's all well and good, but unless it's actively causing problems for this user - why remove it? That's pretty interesting. Was there any TE items in the same chunk? I'd recommend testing placement of the block in a new, blank "Redstone Ready" superflat world. If that works fine, try clearing other machinery out of the chunk your spawner is in and placing it, or alternatively see what happens when you place the spawner in a chunk that has never had any machinery in it.
  7. Clearly, if you were unable to find any active discussions about this sort of thing, then it should have been obvious that there are unlikely to be other threads of a similar nature still ongoing. Also, stop signing your posts. I can see your handle directly to the upper-left of whatever you post.
  8. Your modpack is packaged incorrectly, which is why Forge isn't loading. The file path should be /modpack.zip/bin/modpack.jar but it's instead modpack.zip/modpack/bin/modpack.jar. You should repackage your modpack from inside the /modpack/ folder - select the folders inside the /modpack/ folder, then have your archive utility create the modpack.zip from that selection. Also, whatever archive utility you're using is creating an extraneous folder tree inside the .zip file - the /_MACOSX/ folder isn't needed and should either be removed or not created by your archive utility in the first place. Hope this helps.
  9. Looks like you have a TE tank feeding directly into the Auto-Spawner. You'll probably need to load the world in MCEdit and remove either the tank or the spawner in order to fix the issue.
  10. Last post before yours was made in 2012. What in the ever-loving hell made you think this thread was still going?
  11. I've been looking around and haven't found a single respectable hoverbike mod. If someone would be so kind, I'd love it if you could create a simple, clean hoverbike mod. Nothing fancy, no silly guns or radical designs - think like a speeder/swoop bike out of Star Wars. The high-concept of this is a utilitarian, high-speed transport focused solely on getting players rapidly from point A to point B. Frankly, the most time intensive part of making this would be making the model. Functionality would be similar to a stripped-down horse - no breeding, no AI, no spawning, etc. Primary features I would like to see: Real hovering. The bike should hover 1-3 blocks above solid blocks or liquids, which allows for some interesting traversal options. However, hover height would be a function of speed, so low speeds would be close to the ground while the highest speed would be clear of most obstacles. Sprinting should function as a short-term speed boost, lasting five to ten seconds. The speed boost should quickly propel the player to max speed, then rapidly taper off. Jumping should increase the hover height temporarily by two blocks. Falling after a jump, or just in general, should be fully ballistic. Launching yourself off a high ramp at max speed should result in traveling a much farther distance than a bunny-hop at low speeds. Fall damage should be completely or mostly negated. However, falling from great heights should have an increasingly (exponentially?) higher chance of throwing the player from the bike, which can cause injury or even outright death. 15-20 blocks of falling should be easily handled, while falling from skybox to bedrock should result in almost certain death. Being thrown would ideally result in the player flying forwards over the handlebars. Ramming head-on into solid blocks at high speeds should cause moderate to severe damage to the bike, possibly destroying it. Think like the speeder bike chase on Endor. Speaking of speed, the hoverbike should probably move at around player sprint speed at it's lowest to slightly faster than a minecart just after a single booster at the highest. Building off of that, controls! W and S would ideally increase/decrease a throttle while A/D would strafe, and mouselook would steer in gentle curves. Crafting should make sense and require no more than four "parts". Front control vanes/handlebar assembly, main body, repulsor package, and engine package. Mod integration isn't explicitly necessary, but config files should be provided to allow for requiring different materials to craft the hoverbike. With just the mod installed, creating the bike would require a mixture of materials. For example, iron for the frame, ender pearls for the repulsor package, blaze rods and pistons for the engines, and redstone to control it all. When installed in a complex technical modpack, the creator of said modpack should be able to configure the crafting to require more advanced materials. This allows for balancing with other mods. For example, requiring steel ingots for the main chassis, tough rods from TiC for the control vanes, a jetpack for the engines, and a power source for the repulsors. As with most self-propelled vehicles, it should probably require fuel of some kind. Coal blocks, RF batteries, whatever.
  12. Why do you need a laptop? If you just want a small form-factor PC, you can build one for $500 which will handle Minecraft quite nicely and be far more powerful than a laptop at the same price point.
  13. Sounds like either a network or hosting issue. Try to escalate the ticket with your hosting provider. E: It could also be caused by a mod, but without any logs to look at all I can do is guess. If you provide logs, please do so via pastebin or a similar site.
  14. Maybe If You Want People To Take You Seriously As A Professional And Mature Organization Maybe You Should Stop Typing Like This. God, that hurt to write. Most of your ideas are things that already exist and have likely been done better.
  15. If you can't figure out how to host even the most basic Minecraft server, maybe you're not cut out for the job.
  16. The old launcher is no longer functional.
  17. Yes, yes, all my yes. Do this thing. (Also, elastic search made me wet.)
  18. When things get batshit insane, you can either ignore the madness as Punk did and end up bewildered, or embrace the crazy train and ride it into the ground.
  19. You're again making the mistake of using completely irrelevant bullshit to try and convince people that what someone said is somehow invalid. E: ryoka has been summarily Kellered for 12 hours by freakchu. http://puu.sh/6RTJ0.png Game, set, match. Flawless Victory.
  20. How is this question at all relevant? And just for the sake of honesty, no, I do not own any trilbies. Those are the hats commonly mistaken for fedoras and popularized as the favored headwear of MRAs. I do, however, own a couple of rather snazzy fedoras. Actual fedoras. Not trilbies. And I honestly don't pull them off too well, so they remain in my closet, forlorn and unworn.
  21. You're so adorably dense. I'm going to just pat you on the head, then send you off to play with the other Tumblrites while the adults talk. I think this thread has run it's course by now. ryoka is clearly far too dense to understand anything save his own viewpoint, and I'm getting pretty sleepy. E: Also, ryoka, scroll up a bit. Brigadon's entire motivation was because FPSFurry is a furry who was acting like a fool. Not because FPSFurry is (allegedly) a female. Your entire argument is based on an assumption that is empirically incorrect. You should stop posting now.
  22. How do you know this? How do you KNOW that was his thought process? OH RIGHT, you don't, because you can't read minds. E: I also see that you seem to have registered solely to post in this thread. E2: This is apparently my 333rd post. I suppose toasting in an epic bread is fitting for such an e-peen enlarging milestone.
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