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A book. Title pending.


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While I was chatting with Okamikk and a few other KittyJailers the other night, I mentioned this proto-book I was starting to write. Oka wanted me to post it so, here ya go Oka! Read your heart out.

It also occurs to me that doing this might jolt me into action to have me finish this. I have stared writing on many occasions but have always found myself ditching them. If there's enough interest, I may feel more obligated.

Any suggestions for the story line will be considered as this is a pants style of writing (No real plan, writing by the seat of my pants).


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Just out of curisosity, when you said north America, did you mean the continent or the northern part of the US?

Otherwise, i liked it


It's in reference to the content.


Good to see there are grammar Nazis here to help me with editing. (I mean that in a honest way)

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