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Noob help with automated furnace

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Hi everyone. I've watched all the tutorials on this and i must be missing something

I have a chest with a wooden pipe coming off it and a red stone engine power the pipe. I then have a cobble stone pipe going into the bottom of a furnace. I put coal in the chest, but when it reaches the furnaces it just pops out. The furnace is empty. I can get the pipes to put ore in the top and take stuff out the sides just can't get coal into the bottom. Any idea why?



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Oh god, please don't tell me you actually took a picture of your screen with your cellphone. Just press F2, and then navigate to your Technic folder, and find the Screenshots folder there.

As for that setup, I don't really know, and I suggest you forget about this method. Just jump to Powered furnaces ASAP, they provide more fuel economy, and can do a number of other nifty things, such as automatic item transfer or operation on/off based on redstone signal.

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