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Optifine not working since update?

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Okay so I always install optifine to any modpack from Technic. It always worked fine, up till the last update to Tekkit Main that is. Version 1.0.6 must have changed something. In the last version of tekkit i used OptiFine_1.5.1_HD_D1. Does anyone know of a version that is compatible with

Tekkit 1.0.6?

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Optifine works, but I'm noticing that some textures are missing now, as in invisible in-world. Buildcraft pipes, cables, etc and also some weird poison water (I only know that it's there because it shows up on my minimap), and I think it's because I threw optifine (currect version) into the mudpack file (like you said). Is it some problem with forge? I personally never liked that program ...

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