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Chunk Loaders and Applied Energistics across distances?

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I have a segregated applied energistics base at the moment in our server.


Everything was working fine when we had several dimensional anchor's placed all over the place with the 9x9 setting, only that was steadily increasing the CPU usage to about 60% constantly (even with no one in the server). After we removed the dimensional anchor's, an empty server now uses only 4% of the server CPU. The performance increase is great, but now we can no longer access our items unless we go to the building containing the ME control unit. My questions:

1. Do dimensional anchor's require that the ME Cabling be contained within them? Can we just have a 1x1 chunk loaded with the ME Controller on one end, and 1x1 chunk loaded where the assembler is? Or do we need the entire cable route saved in chunks?

2. Is recommended to have all of your machines, etc., within a 1x1 chunk radius?

3. Is there anything we can do with our current setup? Or are we forced to remove the machines placed in each of these buildings?

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The new dimensional anchors have settings to do 1 x n lines instead of entire cubes. You might be able to apportion out what you need.

1) My guess is yes, they require chunk loaders for all the cabling. I know IC cabling does. You can press f9 (or f6 or something) to see the chunks that are loaded.

2) I wouldn't recommend that because it might be intense for clients around the area (for example, lots of custom renderers are used with pipes, wires, and machines).

3) The issue might not be the number of chunks that are loaded into memory but with the equipment. If there are loops in logistics pipes or wiring you might run into performance issues. It could also be due to buggy mods. In my server I have quarries set up with 1 source water block on top that fills up the entire quarry (to take care of lava). That works fine, but when we are in the process of removing the water the server lags a lot (it literally will eat up 100's of megs of memory plus lots of CPU). Hence, I try to avoid draining the quarries when people are on.

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