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[0.6.5]Ace's Tekkit Lite Server[no PVP][10 slots][Whitelisted][Dimensional Doors Removed]


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AGE: 14

NAME: Sterling

IGN: PhoenixStar117

EXPERIENCE WITH TEKKIT LITE: I am a bit rusty with Tekkit Lite but I am a veteren of Tekkit Classic, or the Tekkit before Tekkit Lite even existed and it was just called "Tekkit" not "Tekkit Classic". I know all the basic machinery and can get quite a powerful and automatic Factory fairly quickly, so long as I spawn in a Mineral rich area, otherwise I have to do some exploring as I will usually need a very rich and tall land to work with (as I use Quarries to gather minerals, turn them into useful things, and have tons of automatic machines doing the rest and crafting me what ever I need).


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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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