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[0.6.5]Ace's Tekkit Lite Server[no PVP][10 slots][Whitelisted][Dimensional Doors Removed]


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Age: 13

Real Name: Ryan

IGN: ryfyguy

Experiance: I have hosted many varied servers for about two years. I have play a lot of tekkit classic and know mostly what i am doing in tekkit lite. I do not have teamspeack, but can get it easily and i have a headset.

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No more requests is required, the server is open now!

New changes have been made, the server now has auto-save, auto-backup, and a few items are banned and not craft-able or not usable, these are the Mining Laser (Had been giving problems to my users in the past, and CoreProtect will not undo the damage, they had to be banned and disabled), LV, MV, HV, Solar Arrays (These from my own experience of using them have been a pain and thorn in my servers side, they have been causing TPS drops, and worse when not connected correctly e.g. *Glass Fiber Cables connected between Solar Panel to MFSU instead of directly touching*, also they spammed the server console with Corrupted or Already removed messages that are quite annoying and hard to read logs when they spam.), also Crystal Chests are banned, and disabled, (The Crystal Chests have been known to cause FPS drops and client lag, not sure about the server lag, but it does indeed kill FPS for my clients, especially when near them and in high numbers, so they had to be banned!), Battleaxes are no longer useable, but still can be crafted and played with, just not usable. (The Battle Axes defy the PVP being turned off, and cause other players grief when used, and people reported getting killed by them, and the ability to kill others with them, we do not want that on our server, so they are naturally banned on use, but ownership is OK.) If there is more items I find that get annoying and destructive, I will remove them in the future, but for now that is all that has been banned or disabled. So far Nukes have not been a problem, but I highly discourage the use of them, and Nuclear Reactors are not banned yet, until they become a problem.

Let's face it, I want my players to enjoy there time on my server, and if I go off banning too many items or things, players will not want to play on my server! So I am trying to keep as many items and things from being banned as possible until they are ridiculously become a threat.

There are new plugins on the server to help with many things, and currently using BukkitGUI with it, stuff is more automated, and much better than before. There is a new world now as well, but I explain later in this post why and what happened. I had a hard time finding these plugins that are compatible with the server, and making sure they was stable had no errors or warnings in console, and did not crash the server. I found some easily on forums suggested by other server owners, but some others I had to do extensive research and finding. I hope you all like them and appreciate them as much as I do! :)

These are the current Server Plugins in use, using mcpc+ Bukkit:

AutoSaveWorld - This saves the world every 15 minutes, and backups every 3 hours with my current setup, without it I would have a hard time.

bChatManager - Allows Coloring of chat text.

bPermissions - Allows permission control, and prevents you guys that are not admins or op from accessing some commands.

CoreProtect - A semi-compatible plugin to Tekkit Lite that allows restoring/undo/fixing of damages, currently it can't restore Mining Laser Damage and also not certain explosions. It really is helpful though on minor damages with TNT, or someone digging in an area they was not supposed to.

FreeTeleport - Allows me and my players to teleport, with commands such as /tpa /tp /tpaccept /warp /spawn /home /sethome /back and other commands for faster traveling. Currently there is no limit on setting homes.

GriefPrevention - This has been keeping griefers at bay, but it does not block everything, kinda like CoreProtect... it does not know how to block certain events, but still has been useful for my server.

HatMe - This is compatible with Tekkit Lite, YES!!! I wanted this on my server awhile back, but was weary if it would work or was compatible with the blocks... but yes you can wear any item just about on the server even Tekkit Lite Blocks on your head! Just use /hat to put it on and /unhat to take it of. I hope my players Enjoy this!

Lockette - I was not sure this was compatible, but with a little research I had to have it on my server, and was one of the first plugins I got for my server. This allows locking of blocks that store items or allow access to, it currently does not lock every single thing, but it gets nearly everything blocked... especially useful for new Tekkit Lite Blocks and Storage, as they are not protected with GriefPrevention so this is an extra protection measure. Just place a sign on the Storage device, from Chests, Deep Storage Units to MFSU's and ME System (Applied Energetics) Devices, and many more.

TekkitCustomizer - This plugin is what I added recently that allows the removal of items that I do not want used on the server, this has become very useful and had taken me ages to get or find out about, and I am glad I found it!

WorldEdit - Every Server needs this, I did not have it at first, but got it finally, and it has been useful, and may be used more often in the future.

I have 2 other plugins laying dormant, I dunno if I will keep them or get rid of them, they are the following:

NoItem - What I was trying to use before TekkitCustomizer... it has other options I might find useful down the road though, but it does not block Tekkit Lite stuff from what I could see.

EssentialsAntiBuild - To be honest, I was trying to get Essentials on my server, and I left this in, not sure what it does, and may be removed as I think it is just a dependency for Essentials stuff. So this plugin is just redundant junk on the server.

On another note, if you had played on my server before the opening, someone got on my server and wrote a bad region "r.###########.###########.mca", it had a invalid number and locked the server stone cold dead every time anyone attempted to load chunks on the server.... to whom this concerns: It is really not nice to mess with servers, there is a lot of hard work that people do on there, and sometimes can not be fixed, this is why I got auto-save and auto-backup now! I could not remove the region or restore the world until I removed the level.dat... this literly killed the servers world, and I had to remake a totally new world. So my older players everything is lost from before, and now things have to be rebuilt, and I am sorry about that. It is my fault I admit for not researching the auto-save and backup plugins sooner, and I apologize.

I am also looking for Moderators/Admins and I need trusted adults to do the Job... You must be 18 or older to help out, and Skype and voice is a plus... also if I do live streams you can be involved in them too, however I have not live streamed the server in a month... been far too busy for it.

Anyways, hope to see new and old players play on my server sometime soon, and enjoy! If you have any problems message me here or on the server when I am online. My sleeping pattern is not consistent, so I may not be up at the time you are, and this is a US Server, so if you're not up on US Time, I also may not be up to help you.

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OMG ace spawn was grifphed by the little idiot jhon people keep respawning and falling in lava at spawn the ME system was hit to jhon left after dieing 50 times trying to get out lol.but I have to keep taping people out plz get a admin to come on .or u?

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You all have been added, plus I added others that had been on the server before the whitelist came back up...

Also, while the server may have 10 slots, it actually has 11, but the 11th is for me.... if you're on the server and there is 11 online and I am not online, you may get kicked to let me on...

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Ok guys, I been having some ram issues, and want to test vanilla Minecraft 1.6.2 for a little bit to see how it runs... to see if there is still a ram issue like in tekkit lite, you all are welcome to come play, even other players, I am just leaving it open to see how it holds up. I will be doing this for awhile and monitoring how well it runs, CPU usage, and Ram usage... do not worry files for the server are safe, nothing is lost, and I will possibly have it back up if I feel that my system can handle it. At first I thought it might of been Dynmap, but its unusual that my server is eating up CPU usage at 15 - 30 % while idle. I am not sure if its the Dymensional Anchors doing it, and its also reserving quite a bit of RAM for the server over the 2 GB I specified. So something is up. But this is just a test, and I will be doing it for a few days to see how my server runs, and see if there is any stability issues with it.

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I need a RAM upgrade before I can host again, I am only running with 4G, and Tekkit Lite Server eats RAM like candy even when set to 2G, and since I am running this on my Home PC I can not have it running 24/7 like I can Vanilla/Bukkit 1.6.2 Minecraft Server, as it only uses 1G and does not go over 1G... also Tekkit Lite eats up my CPU % and that is not good, CPU use should not be high when server is Idle. Its the Chunk Loaders, anything that is loading chunks on the server. If you IM me, or contact me privately I will be glad to share server files, so you can continue your work or even host your own server with the same stuff I had on my server. But for now, I just can't host Tekkit Lite like I thought I could. Also, as much as I love Tekkit Lite, the version is old, and everything is going forward in versions. I want to keep up with the latest greatest things, and hopefully the less resource hogging mods, if possible, or until I can afford an upgrade, which will be a very very very long time. So I am very sorry for stopping the Tekkit Lite server, I was not aware that it was going to end up this way. Plus, since its on my home PC I can not host and play my own games I love besides Minecraft. Thanks to anyone who took the time to play on my server while it lasted, all data will forever be on my Hard Drive and backed up, and I hope to see you guys on my 1.6.2 server, or any of my servers I change to.

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Age: 20

Real name: Dalton

IGN: Sgt_Irish

Experience: i have some prior experience playing tekkit lite but most of that is limited to playing single player. Love tinkering with all the complicated stuff and making electricity. I do have a mic and hope youll consider me for joining you server!

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