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I want someone to play some tekkit with me.

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Sign me up for it. My nick is ReadDaRules and my Skype is ReadDaFuckinRulesAgain.

And my second nick is Imanidiotwhojustwantstojoinanyserverwithoutevenreadingwhatsitallabout. I'll like to play with whoever else tried to sign up.

(Not rudely intended, but it's getting annoying seeing randomeses (is dat a word? It is now.) just join any server without even reading what the hell it's about.)

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Minecraft user is bud1026 Skype name is Romarofosterbkabud I Am A American speaking English And I Am Bored And I Am 13 And I Also Own A Tekkit Classic Server 18 Slots Left because One Is My Friends If You Want In Show Your Skype name And Minecraft User And Age For IP Adress Show Info Below Accepting 12-20 No More Than Years Old anges

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