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Struggling with first Powered Furnace


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I've been making attempts to learn pulverizer, pipes and furnace - to create a flow to a chest.

In latest BD, have a simple setup in creative mode: Powered urnace with Stirling Engine, a hopper over top, and on the right, a wood transport pipe (also with Stirling) going to a chest with 3 cobble transport pipes.

A chest is on the Hopper and everything leaves - down to the furnace I assume. The furnace is showing 2400 MJ stored, and 0 used. Naturally noting is coming out of the right.

Where did I step on my Johnson in this simple setup???? :-(

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Powered Furnaces output things on their own, replace the wooden transport pipe and Stirling Engine with a cobble transport pipe, if that doesn't work check the output tab in the Powered Furnaces GUI and set it to eject on that side. You can check and set the input sides there, too.


Left- Front- Right

-----Bottom- Rear

The Redstone control tab in the PF GUI lets you make it work always/Redstone-low (default)/Redstone-high.

With the hopper you need to change the Redstone control to ALWAYS (left button), because the hopper emits a redstone signal if it has any items inside. This signal will prevent the Powered Furnace from operating.

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