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Suggested/Optional Banned Items/Mods List


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Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I last ran a Tekkit server. I can tell you that in the beginning it was total chaos... up until I figured out which items/mods could be blocked with protections and which had to be banned or partially restricted.

I am wanting to run another Tekkit server, but am unfamiliar with what items/mods are being banned/restricted these days. I've spent some time looking through the forums and server listings and found that some items/mods were banned more often than others. It can be quite confusing to decide on what to keep and what to ban.

I'd like to put out a request to everyone to post your list of items and/or mods that you would personally ban/restrict from a Tekkit server. The goal is to create a central list that we all can go to for reference.

Please keep in mind:

  • This is for the latest version of Tekkit.
  • This is as much about personal preference as it is protecting the server, so please... no flaming someone for their preferences.

Keep to a basic format:

  • Item/Mod name
  • Reason for ban/restriction
  • Plugin and/or option setting that can ban/restrict it

Thanks! And may you be Chaos free!

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Restrict MystCraft's Descriptive Books to Admin-only. Make sure the [ComputerCraft] and [buildCraft] fake players can't access protected areas, if you have any.

That's pretty much it. Dimensional Doors don't take a lot of disk space, so no need to disable those.

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  • 1 month later...

How would I do this?

Everyone keeps asking me that, but it really depends on the protection plugin/mod you use. Just make sure the players "[ComputerCraft]" and "[buildCraft]" aren't op, and make sure you don't allow them to access protected areas. How you do that is up to you. Some plugins support actively denying certain groups and players out of certain areas.

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