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Big Dig ore generation?


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Actually, I believe its in the World.cfg which is located in the cofh folder in config.

So basically it IS a mod. CoFH core, which took over ore generation from Metallurgy in the recent update.

To edit them, open the config file and it lists all of the spawning rates for the different ores. If you are trying to lower them then just make the NumClusters= a smaller number along with making the ClusterSize= a smaller number.

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You can also just flat turn off vanilla ore replacement in CoFHCore configs to reactivate ordinary vanilla ore gen. I believe you can remove the thermex section entirely and on next run it will regenerate the thermex section with default values. You can return the custom ores to their defaults by removing an ore from both World.cfg and WorldCustomGen.txt, and reactivating the ore's generation in its respective mod's config file.

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If you were to do that, the modpack would have to have CoFHCore installed. Then you just wanna find the World.cfg in cofh folder in config. Then you can change the cluster size, cluster numbers, and height limits according to what you want.

I have found that putting 20 for the number of clusters and size makes stone the most rare block. So, I would recommend like 10-15 for them.

Also, where is says MaxY and MinY the maximum you can do is 128 and minimum is 0.

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