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I need help for Tekkit Lite Experts out there

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Ok, so I was making a tank for the water and oil to make power so I can run my quarry. This is the pic of my tanks:


I have no problem with the water tanks. Here is the pic of my water tanks and the water pump:



But my problem is that my oil tanks aren't getting much oil and here is pic of my oil pumps and my oil tanks:



http://imgur.com/dTM7jte <--------- This one is what inside of the second pic.

The first oil pump pic is kinda near my home but the second one is really far away. This two pumps are sending oil but the oil aren't appearing in the oil tanks. Is this because of my phased pipes (teleportation pipes) or not? If you want more info on my oil pumps or the tanks, please leave a comment and I'll give you the info.

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If they are far away, you will need some kind of chunk loader (to keep the chunks loaded when you're away). Just use Dimensional Anchor or Teleport Tether.

Phased pipes should work, just double-check your freqs and make sure those in your base are set to Send & Recieve.

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