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Hi !

I'm trying some things up with a server and some great, but strange to me, things came up. Maybe someone could found that interesting.

1) I put myself on 1.1.0, the server downloaded on the tekkit site (and not really updated, am i wrong ?) on 1.1.0 as well, nothing happens, all good.

2) I manually delete anything like configs/coremods/tekkit.jar etc

3) Under 1.1.0, i reach a brand new 1.0.6 tekkit server. Obviously, my NEI shows me some things that doesn't exist but a /give identify clearly that only a few Mekanism/AtomicScience is missing.

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I made the sorry mistake of assuming that there would be some consistency with version control. Having the 1.1.0 version be a moving target has created some... challenges, all of which are easily solved with a simple "download this 125meg zip and you are good to go" but I wouldn't recommend it for the faint of heart hehe.

The price I pay for running a non-recommended version :)

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Me too plow. Had to have my laser drill, and now 1.1.0 has updated several times since then adding mekanism, atomic science and others. Gonna stick with the old 1.1.0 for now until the official recommendation I think.

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