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Redstone energy cell conduction.


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Simple question I suppose are redstone energy cells self conductive ie; two redstone energy cells directly adjacent to one another will power flow from the first into the second? will it only flow if the first is full? can it pass through the second one into conduit? rebuilding a power station and this stuff is kinda important. Also on the subject has anyone ever had a REC that they couldn't seem to get the power out of?

And quickly for those with 1.1.0 and mekanism if I tell my ME network to build a single elite energy cube it seems to not want to stop crafting at 1...ever, I have to stop it at the terminal anyone else have that issue cropping up and have a solution/workaround(I know it's a dev build I don't expect one)

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I asked this a while back, and King Lemming mentioned that you need two redstone energy conduits between them; one to output and one to input. I'll see if I can find my thread.

[Edit: Found it:


Cells and conduits don't lose energy transferring to each other. And yes, conduits are required for now. There are too many issues letting cells transfer directly to each other. IC2 gets away with it because only 1 side of their batteries can transmit. The admittedly easy solution here is to make cells have reconfigurable sides. Honestly, it's something I'd consider, since it would allow me to change how conduits operate too.
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OK This should inform My power setups then Suppose I should update to latest build before I play with my fusion reactors anymore, ( full discolsure, I may have gone a bit crazy with my preparation for atomik science have room for something on the order of 3x16 reactors). For the record if KL sees this I vote for configureable sides for the REC's /

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