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Not sure what to do.


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Hello all, i just started using the big dig mod, I've messed around with some of the mods in it in previous mod-packs but big dig is a little overwhelming.

Anyway I've set up a max size quarry and i have three gold chests set up for now to take it all in but they're filling up fast with sand and i don't know what to do with it all, what's something i can make to make the sand useful? or should i just toss most of it?|

Also any other thing that i should be doing? such as easy to make things that will help me out in the long run.


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start making glass and use it to make coils and circuits? It is also useful for stained glass for making builds look nice.

Also sand is used in the thermal smelter to smelt double ingots.

Make some Aquess(Spelt wrong) Accumalators to kool combustion engines for early power creation.

Make MFSU storage blocks(I think that is what they are called), they can store upto 2billion of one type of block. Store your sand in them.

You'd hate to realize you need sand later and you'd chucked it.

Start growing wheat for early use in a squeezer until you get automatic farms.

There is a ton more stuff, but I'm in a hurry. Hope you enjoy Big Dig, I'm loving it. :)

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Glass [Edit: As in skyscrapers.]

Induction Smelter (Thermal Expansion)

-----Ore+Sand->2 x Ingot + Slag(large%) or Rich Slag (small%)

-----Ore+Rich Slag->3 x Ingot

-----Smelt Slag for Rock Wool (dyes 8x cheaper than wool, withe no bleaching required between redyes)

Use sand in a Filler, Quarry, Filler (cobblestone?) to mine and take over the oceans.

[Edit: You only need to fill 1 layer with sand. The filler will keep replacing the sand blocks that fall into the water.]

Edit: Put the Sand in a Deep Storage Unit while you are waiting. 2 Billion sand before you need another DSU.

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