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Microblocks issue?


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I have an issue with Microblocks disappearing when you teleport around them. AKA dimension door or Crystal age portals, or even /tp or /tpx.

Other people I've asked don't have this problem, even on my server. Some claim it's just me and something's wrong with my installation (which is crap because how can an installation randomly corrupt it's self?). Some claim it's an issue with laptops, even if that laptop is more powerful than a desktop that is running the game just fine.

I'm a little sick of invisible microblocks, and am considering banning from from my server by deleting them, as they cause me to teleport back to the previous block I was on if you walk over one. Some people use them as stairs, so when they are invisible, if I touch the block containing a microblock, I teleport backwards annoyingly.

Server version 1.0.6. No error logs.

What causes microblocks to turn invisible and how do you fix this issue since apparently I'm the only one having the issue, so I hear so far. My friend built his house entirely out of microblocks so most of the time, it's invisibleish.

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