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Fertilizer machine/harvester/planter not working...


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Hey all, I was wondering if I could get some assistance... Today I built a simple automated machine to plant/fertilize/harvest rubber trees. The Fertilizer is filled with ind ferts, and powered, and the layout is standard 3x3 block, one dirt in the middle with the planter under it, the fertilizer on one side (glowing output side facing the sapling) and the harvester on the opposite side. The planter is definitely planting.. everything is running off of the same power source, and full of steam, but the fertilizer isnt doing its job..... This is driving me insane. Please help with any advice you can!!!

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I figured it out right after I posted this... I made the thing inside, in my "lab".... I thought I had the roof high enough for the highest rubber tree, but I did not... as a last ditch effort, I cleared the roof, and it popped up and scared the hell out of me.

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