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could i put these mod into the new tekkit because i want have a fun experience playing.

heres the mod:

Forestry mod

extra bees

thaumcraft 3




big reactors

im just a kid sorry if this is late my computer burned because of my bugging tekkit

i removed some of the mods and replaced them with these.the optifine mod,shaders mod and better than wolves mod crashed my computer so im wondering if i could get some help

from experts in placing these mods

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Let's go over each one...

better than wolves mod: Unless FlowerChild has a stroke/amnesia and makes it Forge-compatible, be prepared to wait til the heat death of the universe first.

optifine: Compatible; just copy what's in the zip file directly into modpack.jar.

ships and boats mod: Don't know about this one, but if it can just be dropped into the mods folder, it should be.

forestry mod: Compatible, yes. Drop it into the mods folder.

sonic ether's unbelievable shaders: You may need to read the installation instructions carefully, but I know I heard around here that it'll work.

Just remember, if you get ID conflicts, change one of the two that conflicts within the mod's config file located within the config directory.

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