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New to Minecraft and Tekkit. have a few questions.


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I just started play Minecraft and using tekkit. I have a server that is using tekkit classic. I heard that tekkit has or uses Bukkit, now do I need to add its plugins myself or are they auto put in?

Are you saying you just started playing Minecraft? If so then I strongly recommend you play a good deal of vanilla first, then move onto advanced stuff like Tekkit. I say this for many reasons.

Also, is this server yours or are you just joining the server? If it's yours then yes, you have to install plugins yourself. Otherwise no, clients don't need to install Bukkit plugins.

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I am going to make a dangerous assumption that everything is set up correctly on the server. Here we go:

Any Bukkit plugins you would use would go into a folder called "plugins". Put them in there start/restart the server and they will generate their initial config files and whatever else they need. If you want to make change to how those plugins work, make your edits to the config files, upload the new versions to the server and then restart your server. Your plugins should then be working.

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