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  1. Turn off any anti-virus and then try again. They try to keep us from playing Tekkit sometimes. Stupid anti-Tekkit anti-virus software.
  2. Thanks. Glad you like it. Now go thank AlgorithmX2 for making such a wonderful mod.
  3. Some pictures and descriptions to help aid you. http://imgur.com/a/7zJV0
  4. It is if you pump the coal (which seems to last quite a while in Steam Engines BTW) you get from mining back into the engines. And yes, Magmatic engines do produce twice the MJ/t (Steam = 2MJ/t, Magmatic = 4MJ/t) but you really don't need all that much energy to power the Quarries to a decent speed.
  5. Problem is that you HAVE to have an output or it won't let you make the pattern.
  6. Got it! Encoded Pattern telling it to supply exact number of redstone dust/enderpearls and 1 empty energy/tesseract frame. Pattern goes into interface next to a CHEST with items being pumped out and routed - redstone/enderpearls into the crucible, frames into the transposer. Then just put an Import Bus on the transposer and BOOM! - AE handling liquids like a pro!
  7. But then that's a lot of wasted redstone/enderpearls just sitting there in liquid form at the end of the day. 40 redstone is what it takes to fill an Energy Cell Frame. Not sure how many enderpearls. There has to be a way to get this to work.
  8. Okay, here is what I am trying to accomplish: Use my Applied Energistics system to autocraft redstone energy cells/tesseracts from scratch. The easy parts are just that, easy. The hiccups and headaches come when trying to send the redstone/enderpearls to the Magma Crucible. We can put, for example, 40 redstone dust as the input in the pattern, but what do you put in the output for the pattern? And if we were to get past that, we can have the liquid drain out into a Transposer. But how do we tell it to build and put an Energy Cell Frame in there to be filled? I don't think I
  9. Why does the Steam Engines/Liquiducts/Aqueous Accumlators/Infinite Water Pool setup never get any love? Everyone is all about pumping lava in from the Nether these days. Then they complain b/c the Nether is extra laggy due to all of the newly flowing lava in the pit below.
  10. Not random. You get one for every log. 5 logs = 5 rubber
  11. That IP looks like an internal IP, not an external one. Go to a website like the one posted above or ipchicken.com and use what it says your IP is. Also, put the IP you get from the website of your choosing into your server.properties files under "server-ip".
  12. I am going to make a dangerous assumption that everything is set up correctly on the server. Here we go: Any Bukkit plugins you would use would go into a folder called "plugins". Put them in there start/restart the server and they will generate their initial config files and whatever else they need. If you want to make change to how those plugins work, make your edits to the config files, upload the new versions to the server and then restart your server. Your plugins should then be working.
  13. No mod update spoilers! I prefer to stay "spoiler free" so as not to see something I really like and then sit here impatiently waiting for Tekkit to update to it.
  14. What Toki said. You have pump stuff out of inventories.
  15. If you want to watch Youtube videos as opposed to reading the wiki, here are two that I find put together some pretty in-depth mod spotlights on a lot of the mods included in Tekkit: Wylker Streams Direwolf20 Also, FunshineX is pretty good if you are trying to learn how to use ComputerCraft effectively.
  16. Planters don't have an output, only an input. Consider me confused.
  17. With no server and error logs, it's hard to say for sure (always include pastebin links to those whenever you have an issue). But if I had to take a guess, I would say you are getting that error because you have Mystcraft items and blocks laying about in your world. You would need to clear all of those out completely before trying to remove the mod. This includes anything in inventories.
  18. Be patient. It takes a minute or two to load everything correctly. Don't click around on it or do anything to aggravate it (that will just make the program freeze) and it will handle itself shortly. Patience is a virtue, so be virtuous.
  19. I used to get this error when I was running 1.0.6 as well. From what I could tell it never actually affected anything.
  20. kyle, the answer to your question is no. There is currently not a way for one person (or server) to host a specific setup and everyone else would just automatically download, install and play. This is why modpack launchers got so popular. They actually make it easy for you to set up a server with mods, and then tell your friends to just "install Tekkit" instead of telling them which versions of what mods to install. Like Teraku said, it's 2 simple clicks in the Technic Launcher to get a client running Tekkit ready to go. They have done all of the work for you and your friends so you can ju
  21. There is a VERY serious dupe bug concerning Deep Storage Units. If you break a DSU that has items in it's inventory, then those items are locked in there. No matter how many times you empty it, if you break it then put it back down the items will reappear in it's inventory.
  22. Nevermind. I got it fixed. I had to change the name of the old files from "world", "world_nether", etc to something new and update that in the server.properties file. Then a server restart had everything working again. Don't ask me why that worked or why I decided to do that b/c I don't know. But it's working now
  23. At this point I have deleted every single trace of Technic from my PC, redownloaded the launcher and let it redownload all of the files for 1.1.5. I stopped the server, deleted everything and replaced it with clean 1.1.5 files. Still getting the mismatched IDs. I give up
  24. Phoenix, I have never changed a single ID (in < 1.0.6 or 1.1.5) and I am positive that both are running 1.1.5. Could it be that upgrading my world from 1.0.6 to 1.1.5 is just not going to work?
  25. Claw, reinstalling everything on both ends was what I tried first. Still getting the message.
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