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Where are me slimes?


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Since the BD updated to 1.5.2 I, literally, wasn't able to find a single slime. I'm currently playing a second world since update and it's still the same. I've read somewhere that slime spawns are now affected by moon phases and, apparently, they are most common in new moon. So, I've searched over 10 different swamps in my world during this and neighbouring phases and still nothing. However, there seems to be plenty of those annoying Tinker's Construct's blue slimes literally everywhere which makes me think it's somewhat responsible. Can someone confirm or deny that? Also, whatever help in finding those basterds I might get will be usefull.

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A wise thing to do would be to use a site that allows for the finding of slime chunks (although they are supposed to spawn in the swamp biomes, they may not necessarily spawn there every time); also remember, slimes spawn as part of the hostile mobs (meaning if they are capped, none will spawn) and they only spawn 1/10 times. If you read the minecraft wiki, it explicitly says they have a 90% chance of failing to spawn.

Slime chunk finder: http://chunkbase.com/apps/slime-finder

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