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  1. Sphax has almost everything u find in tekkit textured, so that's most likely your way to go. There is no official patch for current version of tekkit, though, so u'd have to go to the forums and put it together by yourself.
  2. Cursed Earth will spawn Endermen, but they are very rare (and also the ender pearl drop is a rare). Your best bet for that is to either use auto-spawner, or make a farm using Dimensional Doors rifts. As for Blizz, Im not sure, but I guess they will spawn as long as the cursed earth is in a snow biome.
  3. That is not exactly true, as u need one servo per "block" of the duct. If u connect multiple inventories to that single block, u'll only need to install one servo to be able to interact with all the connections.
  4. Well, if u're having issues finding Blizzes, or don't want to melt your precious redstone, why not a Cryotheum Age? Good ol' Mystcraft h4xes. Did this in creative as a test, if it's even possible. Turns out it is. U can even make a Mob Essence age ;> btw. that's how gelid cryotheum looks in Sphax.
  5. Just put a random ID, e.g. between 2000 and 4000. If it's already taken, u'll get an error message when starting the game pointing u to a file saying exactly what IDs are free.
  6. If ure playing singleplayer, just add it yourself. Download and put inside mods folder. Should work just fine.
  7. Just send all the seeds/saplings coming out of harvester into it as a default route? With TE's itemducts for example.
  8. U can actually semi automate this using AE's crafting terminals. Ingots crafted using the terminal can be put into the system, and then, shift-clicking the recipe from NEI will actually pull them into the crafting grid. It's not full automation, but still makes it much easier. Also, they will not explode while inside the AE network and u can leave them be if u messed up. They will only blow you up once u put them inside your inventory
  9. That's an old recipe. Now there is only one type of tesseract that can teleport fluids, energy and items, all at the same time. It is also much more expensive to make. Instead of tin ingots, it uses enderium ingots.
  10. I had the same issue. Just create a world in creative mode, it should work just fine and u can simply change your gamemode to survival after that.
  11. viesiu

    Crash :/

    Oh, sry bout that, next time I'll know ;I Anyway, I managed to fix it, by simply deleting the pocket dim files.
  12. So, recently, I started playing around with Logistics pipes. I'm completely new to this mod and I still don't know all there is to know. However, with what I managed to achieve, I must say LP > AE The sight of all those items zooming around in complicated piping systems is just beautiful (and I have yet to start doing autocrafting ) Something I'll never be able to see with Applied Energistics system. That being said, I have one issue I can't seem to solve. I have an ingots chest where I also store my Yellorite. I would now want to automatically send that Yelorite to my reactor, whenever there's room for some. Is it even possible with LP alone? I tried putting provider module in chassis connected to the chest and then the passive supplier connected to the reactor, but it doesn't send ingots from the chest and putting extractor module next to the chest just pulls out every ingot there is and if there's no longer room in the reactor, they just go to my "default" chest :/ Any help?
  13. Yeah, pulverizing Aluminium works fine for both versions. i was confused, cause NEI won't show the pulverizing recipe when I press "u" on TC's ore. Anyway, looks like I'll have to endure, or place my quarries in even newer chunks (or create new Age, or whatever ;p) and go mining only in the oldest ones ;p
  14. So, in my previous world I noticed that there were copper and tin from both TE and Galacticraft spawning in the world (why wouldn't u disable one of them is what I rly don't understand :/). So, before I started new world, I disabled the ones from GC (and also from Tinker's Construct, since I put it in) in configs. Everything was fine untill (I think) that new bugfix came out. Which seems to have reset my configs for both Galacticraft and TC and now, in new chunks, I have ores from all three mods. It's not that big of a deal, since, after processing in TE machines, Im getting TE ingots, but still, when I go mining by my own, it's rather annoying (and, unfortunately, TC's aluminium doesn't work in pulverizers). So, I was thinking, can I somehow revert this? "Retrodegen" the ores out of the world or something? Or somehow swap all the ores in the world with their TE equivalents?
  15. They are rare, but definitely not disabled They spawn in snowy biomes and, I believe, only at night (or in dark areas), just like other mobs, but they dont seem to burn in daylight (the only ones I've met were during the dawn). You could place a chunkloader in a snow biome and just visit it again after some time. There will probably be some.
  16. Press the gear icon under the Tekkit logo on the left, select "Manually select a build" and then chose the version your server is using from the list.
  17. But that's just what the mod is supposed to do. Whether it is cheaty or not, is a matter of opinion. And if u think it is, then just disable it. Modifying the config file AFTER I no longer find a particular feature usefull is cheating, no matter the opinion ;p After couple hours of running in background, my setup proved to be an extremely efficient World Thread farm (I got over 200 Threads from it already), but also a very inefficient Endermen farm (I got merely 30 or so Pearls from it). I still got over 600 Pearls from the previous one, so its not really a problem. And if I ever run out, Ill just add more rifts ;p Also, I never intended this to be Endermen farm, so... All in all, it's a success
  18. So, this is what i ended up with: I used only 2 signatures this time and yet the rifts still got somehow out of control (there's a hole in the ceiling right next to me, not visible on the screenshot). The conveyors lead to a hole with hopper floor (to catch Threads) and 3 Grinders at the bottom. I only just made it (literally couple minutes ago), so i cant rly say how efective it is in terms of pearls, but I already got 5 Threads out of it ;p
  19. In some of his latest episodes of LP series, Direwolf made a remote "UberMiner" using MFFS' Manipulators to move the structure. I copied the design and it works perfectly ;p I even modified it to work in the nether (I just put mining turtles in front of it to get rid of the netherrack ). It's pretty powerful.
  20. Im not rly sure, Im guessing it can eat everything. That's why the extruder/piston contraption needs to be places in a safe distance. The rifts don't spread infinitely, they will stop eventually (I think). U just have to find the safe spot thats close enough ;p
  21. That requires u to actually be there for the farm to work (however, Endermen spawned by the rifts are often already agroed, no need to look at them :/ that's what made it so hard to do anything in that Dim). That's not what Im looking for, I want a complete automation However, its a decent idea, and instead of using yourself as a bait, u could use ExtraUtilities' Fans to push mobs in the direction of the Grinder It's possible that Endermen can teleport away though, I never checked if those work. It's worth trying :> ...or use conveyor belts I already came up with something myself, though. Going to try it as soon as Im finished with the Nether miner. World Thread can only be created when the rifts clusters (when u place two or more rifts too close to eachother, they start to spread) consume blocks. Doesn't happen always, there's a chance the Thread will be created. So, what Im trying to do, is create a cluster and then feed it cobblestone using pistons. U can make infinite cobble using Thermal Expansion's Igneous Extruder (u just put single bucket of water and lava inside), then place it under the piston using Autonomous Activator. Then just use the timer to activate piston every couple seconds and there u go. Automated cobble feeding machine.
  22. Sure, but you'd probably have to wait for that since right now I have my hands full trying to build a miner in a nether xd
  23. U can't put range upgrades into Grinders, that's the issue ;p I've been thinking about using conveyor belts, but for that to work, I'd have to cover an entire Dim with them and it was already hard enough to set up a 5x5 filler to build that pillar with all those Endermen trying to kill me I'm guessing a floor made of hoppers covered with water would work even better, since it would also hurt them. I might try this again, but this time I'll set up everything BEFORE I create the rift cluster xd