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I am new to the forum, and do not even know if this is the correct area to post my thread. I am having issues with installing RedPower2 in tekkit. I don't know if the version of RedPower that I am using is correct, but I have been trying to install it. Whenever I load the zip file into the mods folder, Tekkit does not launch, it sits at a white screen. If anyone knows which version of RedPower is correct, where to get it, and how to download it, I would be grateful if you would post it in here. Thanks!

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Out of curiousity, what is that RP2-like mod? Also, what is the best replacement for pneumatic tubes that rednet or other mods have?

Thanks for the replys, they are really helping. :)

I just want to put out there as well, this bundled cable and pneumatic tube is to be controlled by Computers from ComputerCraft. I plan to make this farm:

this is a link to the video of a Lets Play Episode that uses bundled cable and pneumatic tubes to automate a sugar cane farm.

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