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they should make the tekkit with the option before you make the world that you cannot cheat insead of to many items you should have the option at the start saying you only have recipe mode and cannot be changed in the gameplay because when i play i try and make a legit world but sometimes i get frustrated and cant help myself it would be better if we could chose at the start and never had a choice about cheating so more people have legit worlds. sometimes i compare worlds with friends and they say i cheated this would take this away from the equation

please offer advice about this idear and give honest thoughts if u think this sucks please say and if you thinks its a great idear please post.

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Look for your tekkit folder, look for NEI.cfg file, open with notepad (while tekkit is not running), find that line and well, edit it O_O

If it is not there you can just add it at the end of the file.

Also, please, I'll gift you a bunch of .,:;

Use them, I read stuff aloud and I almost asphyxiated on your first post O_O

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