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Infinitely (I think) scaling diamond generator.

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Just uploaded this video today of my diamond generator setup.

Hope you give it a look and enjoy it.


Just a tip to avoid the weird sounds thing, don't keep the mic directly in front of your mouth. Keep it off to the side, or further away.
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so, you do know that you can just place a collector, or optimally an anti-matter relay connected to other collectors next to the condenser to feed it EMC, right?

all you have to do is cover all sides with that, making the aforementioned 17/5 flower. bam, infinite diamonds. want more, faster? make another next to it. problem solved. works so well that I have an alchemical chest almost completely stuffed with red matter on my server sitting in my flying castle. took a couple of days, but still that's so much EMC I'll never use it all, not to mention it just keeps coming.

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Towards the end of the video I do show just such a flower.

However I believe that the loss of 1 relay and a few collectors is more than made up for by the fact that the teleport pipe that replaces them, can be fed into from however many sources you want.

It's just a theoretical concept really that I wanted to try out.

I might have to make a 17/5 flower as you say, and make my version with 10 or so modules feeding it, run both for an hour and see what happens.

But that's a lot of work..

Re: Niavmai, thanks for the tip :D

Was a little tricky as I was just using my turtle beach headset to record, and on the test runs I did it was really quiet.

So I cranked the volume boost and moved the mic closer, maybe a lil too close.

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I tend to use the open face to get the items out of the condenser. the problem with your setup is that it's rather difficult to get the stuff out of the chest. though my solution to this problem when I had it was actually to remove one of the collectors and replace it with a redstone engine to power a wooden pipe to get the diamonds out. before you go, "but freak! wooden pipes + condensers = super map crash bad times!" apparently not when you hook them up to the bottom of the condenser it seems.

your setup probably does put out diamonds faster than a standard flower. however, the question is would the EMC spent on the elaborate mobius generator yield better results if put towards making a second flower? my vote is yes it would.

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You're probably right about the second flower thing.

I just saw the original setup, and it got me thinking if it could be improved, until I arrived at my modular approach.

It's probably a vastly over-engineered solution to something that isn't even a problem to begin with.

But hey, it kept me entertained for a couple of days, and encouraged me to push past my shyness and speak in a video on youtube :p

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