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[Question] Soul Shards


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Ok, this has been driving me nuts! Every Wiki everywhere talks about Corrupted Essence and Soul Forges, etc ,etc to make Soul Shards. I've tried updating the mod manually to get the essence, but it seems to have been removed after MC1.4.7.

I've tried creating this multi-block structure and that didn't work either. Whats the actual blocks in this....it looks like sand on the outside, netherrack middle layer, with a glowstone block in the middle.....that right?

I've got a solution to my low stocks of Redstone involving a soul cage, tier 5 witch shard, and killing the spawning witches, but without cheating I can't even make a soul shard.

Any ideas anyone??

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Why not add that to the Wiki? You should go ahead and write it up a bit, then mark it for clean up so that one of the more experienced editors can put it in line with the rest of the wiki's format.

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