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Super Hostile mobs


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So, I'm still pretty low on the Hexxit tech tree (magic tree?), have a cobble house to protect from mobs at night and have only just harvested enough cotton to make enough wool for a bed. I try to sleep one night and get the standard "can't sleep monsters nearby" message, so I wait it out until dawn. Come dawn, I CATCH FIRE. What? I go outside to try to find the errant spider that was keeping me from sleeping and there's this skeleton with a special name (can't recall exactly what it was, I was far too panicked to make note), 130HP and enchantments up the wazoo. Some kind of antigravity shot that fires me into the air, sets me on fire, poisons me or something… Clearly, I die. However, I respawn with all my XP and NONE of my gear. Nothing on the ground where I died.

What in the nine hells just happened, and how can I prevent something like that from happening again? Death is a usually temporary inconvenience, and provided you don't drown and your items spread across the ocean floor getting gear back is relatively painless. But death from some random super mob that aggro'd me for no apparent reason… unfair.

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There are (not really) rare super mobs like you would see in Diablo and Torchlight that have special powers now. Not really much you can do about them except steer clear of them or be armed to the teeth. I dealt with one yesterday that dropped spiderwebs to CC, disarmed me whenever I hit it, and regened so fast anything below diamond couldn't kill it. Killed a bunch of his buddies, a necromancer, and cleared a different area of a castle enough that I was kitted out in enchanted diamond and made a greatsword out of his friends before he finally went down.

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