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[1.5.2] OhGaming's Myths & Legends (beta) [PvP & PVE][24/7 Open][Custom][Magic, PvP-RPG Style]

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OhGaming's Myths & Legends (beta)

24/7 Dedicated IP: ohgaming.org:25569

Hey guys! I hope anyone who decides to try this pack enjoys it as much as I do. I've put this pack together to have something to go to and get away from from the loud machinary of all these technical modpacks. I've created a down to earth feel for both wizards and warriors alike.

Spawn Pictures




Mods Include:

  1. Rei's Minimap
  2. Cheaper Arrows
  3. Damage Indicators
  4. AsGard Shields
  5. AS Shield Addon Hallowed
  6. AS Shield Addon Harken Scythe
  7. Harken Scythe
  8. Grimoire of Gaia
  9. Ars Magica
  10. Barrels
  11. Better Furnaces
  12. Biblio Craft
  13. Config Mod
  14. Coro AI
  15. Craft Heraldry
  16. Dragon Mounts
  17. Dungeon Mobs
  18. Extended Renderer
  19. Extra Biomes XL
  20. Gem Plus
  21. Inventory Tweaks
  22. Iron Chest
  23. Lava Monsters
  24. Minions
  25. Myths & Monsters
  26. Legend Gear
  27. Project Zulu Core
  28. Project Zulu Blocks
  29. Project Zulu Dungeon
  30. Thaumcraft
  31. Twilight Forest
  32. Useful Food
  33. Weather
  34. Wild Caves 3

Plugins & Features

  • Towny
  • iConomy
  • Custom Items & Mob Drops
  • and more!

How to connect:


IP Address: ohgaming.org:25569

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So , the Dropbox Download stopped,please re-upload the files because RPG-Magic and the Minions mod is ALOT! of fun to me and I would love this modpack,sure gonna advertise it to friends but they are gonna hate me if I send them stuff thats not working.

-Btw is the server still open ?

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Hey how about you add the Minions mod? Its magic related! :D

Well but it can grief the spawn :/ So you should do something that the spawn is safe :D

Hey, thanks for the suggestion! We're still currentling in beta and working everything out. Suggestions are always welcomed!

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