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Weird Flashdrive Glitch

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So recently I've gotten into the portableapps.com platform and putting portable programs on my flashdrive. Today, after putting my flashdrive in my laptop, every single file on my flashdrive has become a shortcut to the cmd, including folders. I just need to figure out why this happened and how I can fix it.

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Well, I don't know how it happened, but I got my stuff back with a data recovery program. Every time you clicked one of the cmd shortcuts it opened a program called oquaosocep.exe or something like that. It ended up in one of my folders after I recovered my stuff. The icon for it was like a triangle in a blue bubble with a 3 in the top-right corner that was also in a blue bubble.

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That sounds like virus behaviour.

Remember what program you downloaded last on your flashdrive and contact the website you downloaded it from. It may not be that, but better safe than sorry.

Also, full virus scan of any computer that flashdrive's been in contact with. Safe mode, you probably know the works.

Do it twice to be safe, with two different antivirus programs. Avast!'s a good idea, and whatever program sounds good as well. AVG? I don't know. Avast!'s always been my antivirus to go with.

Wipe the flashdrive and reformat. If that's too much hassle, burn it and bury its remains at a crossroads (that bit's optional), get a new one.

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